Wednesday, February 17, 2016

For where two or three gather in my name

I must say I have an amazing village who have been supportive during this time. Not everyone was or will ever be privy to every part of this journey but it was important for me to have individuals who could relate to me as well as pour into me that which I thought was lost.

My fertility journey sisters from Seacoast and my For the Love of Mom Genes founder Aubrey Atkinson were amazing. I first encountered this group of amazing women at my first meeting at Starbucks. (Whew… I honestly thought we would meet in room with no windows sitting in a large circle and I would have to introduce myself as, ‘Hi, my name is Deronda and a doctor has said I will only have a 5% chance of conceiving on my own.’ And the response would be, ‘Hi Deronda!”  This meeting was none of the sort! It was a group of women who welcomed me with open arms, smiles and “loved me Big.” When I told them my story, they listened. They nodded. They felt my heart. Then I heard two words that I had not heard in all of the 2 ½ years I had been facing this issue, “ME TOO!” Finally a group of women from different walks of life, different races, different occupations… but we were all the same. We wanted children more than anything and we had the Faith knowing that God can do it.  I’m forever grateful to these ladies. I have gained so much strength from these ladies. They taught me to be vocal and to find my strength and to help realize I had no reason to be ashamed of my journey.  During the course of our meetings we discussed our feelings, where we were with fertility treatments, successes, losses, husbands, labs, appointments, etc. These ladies were there to support in happy times with pregnancy announcements and they were there to give hugs, calls and flowers during our most difficult times. (SORRY THAT’S ALL YOU CAN KNOW.. WHAT HAPPENS IN THE GROUP STAYS IN THE GROUP)

A few ladies from the Fertility Support Group enjoying lunch XOXO

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My SeatMate

Along this journey I also have a sweet friend who encourages me through the process and she is my “seatmate” because she was with me through the journey. My prayer warrior and confidante that never missed a beat and even promised me that one day I would see what a ‘miracle looks like.’ Sometimes it’s hard encouraging others when you are going through but it was so easy to do this with someone who was pouring the Word back into you. I often times wish my journey with my ‘seatmate’ was a first class smooth ride where we experienced no turbulence or rough patches. It was filled with many tears and heartaches. I remember discussing our journey over ice cream and then walking around in Babies R Us saying one day we would be walking around starting our registry. Forever Grateful! Our journeys are now on a different course. Though our journey is not allowing us to sit next to each other on the same first class flight, we are now passengers on different planes flying in the same direction towards God’s promises.

Prayer Warriors
There have been so many women that God has placed in my life that know how to send up a prayer and see results. These weren't just any prayer warriors these were prayer warriors who were on "The Other Side of the Blessing!" These were they who prayed because they had been there and done that and know first hand the pain I felt. They didn't allow me to have a pity party but they prayed for me and made sure I was still praying and not allowing the Devil to have victory. They reassured me at my lowest point that God can and WILL answer prayers. 

I remember calling one of them on my way to work feeling low and she began praying immediately. She prayed the prayers that were on my heart but I thought God could no longer hear. She boldly told me to fix any areas of my life that were spiritually weak whether it be my prayer life, my marriage, friendships etc. that would block any blessing God was ready to bestow upon me.

There was another warrior who asked me to find someone in the Bible who was feeling like I was and to read how they were delivered and set free. She prayed but also reminded me 'this too shall pass.'

My special prayer warrior at work was also amazing. She has walked and prayed beside me since the day I got the first failed treatment result. She never judged me but she knew that day something wasn't right. I never knew her story until I told her mine and I gained so much strength from pint sized woman of God who had an experienced a miscarriage and 2 high risk pregnancies. What's so amazing is that she still was able to check on me during the hustle and bustle of her day and reminded me DAILY that she was praying for me. 

As I reflect on my relationships with these women it reminds of a scripture found in 1 Corinthians 10:13 "No test or temptation that comes your way is beyond the course of what others have had to face. All you need to remember is that God will never let you down; he’ll never let you be pushed past your limit; he’ll always be there to help you come through it."

Reading that Scripture reminds me that I am not alone. That which I am experiencing, someone has already faced and God didn't let them down and He won't let me now.

Because of them I am.... In every conversation, prayer, or meeting He was there as well!

Scripture: Matthew 18:20
Valencya the Visionary: (link coming soon)

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