Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Now We're Giving Her To The Lord

I remember being asked while I was pregnant what I was looking forward to most upon the arrival of our sweet baby girl. Many asked would it be holding her for the first time, seeing who she looks like most, or dressing her up in the all the cute clothes everyone bought her. While all of those were important the one thing that I looked forward to most was dedicating our sweet baby back to the Lord.

Her baptism was so important to us because we made a promise to God that when he blessed us with a child we would dedicate her back to Him to be used for His glory and service. In everything that we do, we ensure that her life is filled with love and her knowing that she is truly a child of God. 

In prepration for her baptism, I literally spent hours and days if not months on Pinterest looking for the perfect baptism outfit. I think I pinned outfits before I even knew the gender of our baby. Jarrett ensured the most beautiful baptism invitations were designed and printed. Braylen's Auntie Carmelita had already purchased her baptism bible and delivered a beautiful baptism bib while Auntie Benita sent baptism shoes. I'm so grateful for my former student, Tiffani Hodges, who crocheted her the most beautiful baptism gown. I even added a personal touch from our wedding day. I am so excited that the day I prayed to God for is finally here!

A special thank you to her Godparents: Dr. George and Phoenicia Flowers and Mr. Jerome and Ladonna Davis for agreeing to help us ensure she matures spiritually and that she understands the way of the Lord. This is no easy tasks. Though she has us as parents to guide her, there may be times that she needs a better understanding from her godparents. Dr and Mrs. Flowers, thank you for being positive role models for us as well as showing us and example of a positive couple in ministry. To Jerome and Michelle thank you for being with us for every step of this journey from before we were even on our faith to ferility walk. Braylen is blessed with amazing Godparents!

Jarrett and I are blessed to have so many wonderful people who shared in such a special day. 



A few pictures from her baptism. Professional pictures will be posted later.

Braylen's amazing GodParents


Scripture: 1 Samuel 1:28 Now I am giving her to the LORD, and she will belong to the LORD her whole life." And they worshiped the LORD there

Sunday, November 13, 2016

A Letter to Braylen Jael on the Morning of her Baptism

Dear sweet Braylen Jael,

Today you will become a Christian.

A white gown will be worn. You will be baptized with holy water sprinkled upon your beautiful hair by Godfather Flowers. Your family and friends are gathering to celebrate, and your life will forever be marked by the promises of God that we will witness together.

Today is a most important day. My head is filled with so many thoughts and prayers for you. Today is the day dad and I make good on the promise we made to God. We prayed so many times that if He would allow us to have a child we would dedicate that child back to Him for service. I'm not sure how emotional I will be today but just know if you see tears on my face it's simply because I'm in awe of God's work and I'm so happy He chose me to be your mom.

My prayer for you today is this: Do not take your baptism for granted and do not be a casual Christian. Spend some good amount of your time and your life trying to figure out who God is and who you are and why it all matters.

Your own calling on your life will emerge gradually over time, but your story begins in a new way today. Baptism is new birth and a promise of life that reaches even beyond death.

My dear, sweet Braylen, faith is a gift I cannot give you. Today your father and I along with your Godparents will pledge our hope and our love and our promise to raise you as best we can in a life of faith. We cannot hand it to you as simply as we might wish. We can only plant a few seeds, step back and pray for rain and good sun.

Before you were my child, you were God’s. When we were having difficulty expanding our family we knew God had you in heaven with Him waiting on the perfect time to bless my womb. So today we will seal that truth with a sacramental sign. The church waits to welcome you.In this broken world in which we live, there are few things more beautiful than that. May your heart always hold some memory of the peace you know today, the joy we will know today, and the love we will have for you always.

In peace, joy and love of Jesus –