Tuesday, August 23, 2016

What I Know For Sure

After giving birth on June, 28, 2016 a lot of attention has been placed on baby and how cute she is or how she is growing and even who she resembles most. Often times mom and dad fade to black and become nonexistent. However, Jarrett and I are thankful to those who have brought a meal, sat with Braylen so that we could nap, to our moms who cooked, cleaned, organized and were simply there.

In these eight weeks of parenthood, I have learned a lot about myself as well as parenting. I never knew I could be so strong and so weak at the same time. I know this sounds like an oxymoron but it's true. I'm convinced our baby is one of the sweetest babies ever. When she was first born (first 2 weeks of birth) the feedings every 2 hours were a beast. I even had an app that set an alarm to make sure Braylen didn't miss a feeding. (Let's say I deleted that app week 4) lol. The first 2 weeks of life broke us down only to build us up.

Here is What I know For Sure:

1) It's okay to Ask for Help
I thought I was SuperWoman until Miss Braylen came along. Even after she came along I felt like I still had to answer every phone call, respond to every email, do laundry as soon as I saw clothes in the hamper. I couldn't do it! It was virtually impossible. I had to tell my husband when I needed him most and to also let family and friends know when I needed them most. Be specific in what you want others to help you with i.e., wash dishes, load dishes in washer, bring over a meal, fold laundry.etc.

2) When Baby is born you become an overprotective Monster
Okay so maybe not quite a monster but a bear. lol. We never shared publicly with anyone other than family, but the first week of Braylen's life was spent in the doctor's office EVERY day. She had jaundice and every day we had to get her levels checked. She slept under a blue light for a week to get rid of the jaundice. We are very protective of our daughter because she is the gift that we prayed for. We don't want to risk her little body getting attacked with big germs.

3) Watch what you say to new parents
After only 2 hours of sleep with a baby whose sleep pattern is off, changing 88 diapers in 2 hours, or trying to put on the cutest outfit only to have her scream bloody murder, the last thing that a new parent needs is your cynical comments or slick comments concerning how they are raising their child. I was in a local baby store and Braylen was crying and I was attempting to soothe her and settle her. A lady walks up and said, "Awww what's wrong? Mommy doesn't know what she's doing?" I honestly could've punched her when she said it. Not only was it inappropriate but it was also very insensitive to a new mom.

4) Do What Works For You
Jarrett and I have worked out a schedule and a system that works for us. Whether it means one of us puts her to sleep while the other showers or not getting her dressed until we arrive to church on Sunday mornings. Every child is different and every parent chooses to parent their child the way in which they choose to. Hence the reason God gave that child to you. He knew you would raise that child the way He desired you to.

5) There is no such thing as too many pictures
Braylen has changed her look about 1,000 times since she was born. When she was born she looked like a round faced Asian baby with straight hair. Eight weeks later she looks like her mom with long fingers and toes and a head full of curly hair. I try to make sure I capture those moments as well as pictures with others. Shortly after she was born I took her to see my godmother/and childhood neighbor. Braylen brought her so much joy and I was certain to capture the moment. 5 days later she passed away. I'm so grateful I captured that moment with the two of them.

6) Nothing really matters
No matter what kind of day I'm having or what what my house looks like, everything seems irrelevant when I look at this sweet little girl's face. She makes our days so much brighter and I love the joy she brings to so many we come in contact with us.

Thank you so much to everyone who called, texted, visited or helped out in anyway. Here are a few pics....