Monday, February 29, 2016

It's Already Done in the Spirit

We came back from our vacation rejuvenated and ready to take on the world. We were also excited to get back and join our friends for a double date night to see War Room and have dinner.

This special couple has been by our side since our courtship and ultimately our marriage. If this relationship couldn't get any better they too poured into our lives because they also had fertility issues from difficulty trying to conceive to miscarriages. She wrote a book that discussed her journey that helped me and others who were facing trouble in expanding their family. I often sought them for advice and they always listened with an intent ear.

The movie, War Room, changed our lives. I believe I cried several times during the movie. I cried the first time realizing that Clara in the movie resembled my deceased sweet grandmother and I also cried knowing that God had given us our answer. We finished the movie with our dear friends and went to dinner to discuss the movie and also for us to talk about how we were doing. It good for us to talk and for someone to listen. My husband who is normally a private person when it comes to our personal lives began to speak. With every word, he became a little more choked up and tears began to swell in his eyes.  I could tell he was trying to hold back his tears so he could calmly release the words that have been on his heart for awhile and he did. He poured out to our dear friends his true feelings about our journey to expanding our family.  Some of the words I heard were old while some were new thoughts and feelings.

Our friends listened intently and began to pour into us. They poured into us spiritual words of wisdom because they remembered being down that road before. One piece of advice I remember so vividly was to speak the name of our child and have conversations with your child. This seemed easy because we had already decided on a name for a Baby Boy. They said to believe in faith that what is being done in the spirit will begin working in the natural. We couldn't wait to get home so that we could finish our existing prayer room to include some of the things we picked up from the movies.

A week later I honestly felt like God was doing something miraculous. It was a crisp fall morning and my husband had already left for the work day. I decided to a little fall cleaning of our Prayer/Future Baby's room and to use a few hours to pray and speak to our future child. I remember cleaning the room and talking to Baby Washington. I remember saying, "Baby ________! When ever you ready to come down from heaven you have a mom and dad that are ready to receive you! You have a room waiting on you! You have a host of family and friends waiting to receive you with open arms!" I even told our dog Jaxson that he was going to be a Big Puppy Brother. lol. In speaking to our baby who was still in heaven, I told the baby that he/she was probably playing in heaven with 2 other babies and when they come from heaven they will be friends on Earth. I prayed this because there were two young ladies in my immediate circle waiting on babies from heaven. If I was preparing for my blessing to come down, It would be great to pray for theirs as well. I knew it was already done in the spirit. I was just waiting in the natural. I remember saying this simple prayer:

"God you didn't intend for me to be barren. Your plan was not for my husband to be childless. Your promised us children. God I understand that these three years were already planned for me. You know what you want my testimony to me. You know what your will for my life is. God I know you will bless me! When you do allow my focus to be on dedicating this baby back to you for your service. Allow this child to be raised in the Christian home you blessed us with. Allow this pregnancy to be amazing. I don't want to complain about anything. I speak against morning sickness, food aversions, or anything that will not allow me to enjoy this pregnancy!  God fill my womb with love, peace and joy so this baby will know he/she is loved before she is borned into this world! Amen.

From that day forward I spoke my child's name into the atmosphere!
It's Already Done In the Spirit!!!

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Our Prayer Wall in our Future Baby's Room.

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