Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Three Peas in a Pod

So do you remember the post about me praying for our baby in heaven to come down and be with us? It was from the It's Already Done in the Spirit post. (click link to read) Shortly after finding out we were expecting our baby blessing, I called my friends who were waiting on their blessing as well.

When I called them to share in our blessing, they were just as elated as I was.  They both asked for the details of how I found out, how I told my husband and wanted to know how I felt. To my SURPRISE, they told me they too were...................................... PREGNANT!!!! I can't remember what I said to them individually but I know that I cried and praised God and thanked Him for answering my prayers. I don't even remember how long we spoke on the phone but I remember telling them that I prayed for them and prayed that their babies would come down from heaven as well.  We cried. We laughed. We squealed with excitement knowing that our babies were supposed to arrive on July 17, July 28, and July 29.  Though two of us were in Charleston and the other in Virginia we spoke excitedly about how our babies would be best of friends because they had a unique spiritual bond.

Over the next few months, we shared stories of doctor visits, pregnancy symptoms, telling our families we were expecting, waiting on gender reveals, swapping ultrasound pictures and heartbeat sound bites.  We were all so very happy.  I couldn't have a better group of ladies to share this with.

I remember getting a call from one of them that she saw she didn't feel quite right when she woke up that morning. I remained calm and called our other friend and we prayed for her and waited to hear the news. We spoke life and not death. We spoke life and not miscarriages. We prayed that all would be well and it was. We later found out that she was diagnosed with a condition that 25% of pregnant women have during their pregnancy. We prayed that God would keep her baby in her womb until it was a healthy living baby. The three of us also talked about first kicks from our promises, what to expect in our visits to come and just were elated.

We were carrying God's promises! What's so special about the Three Peas in a Pod? Well let me tell you!!! God blessed us indeed and is using us in a mighty way. You see when doctors told all three of us NO, God Said YES!.  I was given only a 5% chance of conceiving. My other friend had already had 3 failed IVF procedures and was having some health issues where she didn't want to have the last embryos implanted for fear that it would not work but she did. What do we all have in common? When doctors or man says it's impossible God is the ONLY one that can say YES and turn that dismal situation into JOY!

Song: You Are My Friend By Patti Labelle

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