Saturday, March 5, 2016

The Sound of Our Breakthrough and a Picture of Our Promise

I am PREGNANT! Je suis enceinte! We made feet for booties!! I'm not sure how many ways I could say the words that I waited so long to be a part of my conversations. What felt even better was my husband and I were carrying our promise and no one had any idea!  I wasn't sure how long we could keep this secret from family and friends especially with the Thanksgiving Holiday approaching.  But Geesh! It felt good! We shared glances and little laughs. We were also the only ones that knew why I slept most of the Thanksgiving Holiday. We are pregnant!

Right away we scheduled our first appointment with our doctor to get checked out and to confirm our pregnancy. This visit didn't feel like any other time we came to be seen by my ObGyn. Sitting in the lobby, we were two giddy kids. The wait was totally different than almost 3 years ago. If you recall from the Lord Teach Me How to Wait post I was a nervous wreck, this time I was calm. When my name was called, Ms Angie, Dr. Gleaton's nurse, greeted me with a smile! She was so excited! "This is amazing! Do you know how happy we are for you? We've been waiting for a long time for this!! Someone is going to cry today and I don't know if  it will be you, your husband or me!" I had my vitals checked and everything looked and sounded good.

As we waited in the examining room we giggled with anticipation and uncertainty. After a few minutes Dr. Gleaton arrived and was her normal bright and bubbly self. She was just as happy and excited as we were. She wanted to hear the details of how we got to this point. She was and continues to be one of our cheerleaders and prayer warriors. Before we started the exam there was a knock at the door and in walks Nurse Angie. She said she wasn't going to miss any part of the first exam. lol. I love them so much!

And then it happened, the exam started, I looked at the monitor and saw the cutest little peanut shaped fetus nestled in my uterus. I saw the strongest heartbeat and instantly fell in love. I immediately began shedding tears of joy and thanking God for this moment. My husband was just as happy! A perfect moment--In an examining room with my husband and the amazing Dr and nurse who had been praying and believing that it would happen.

Brief Pause: When you are believing God for your miracle surround yourself with people who believe and can pray for your breakthrough. Before we started this journey God had already directed me to Dr. Kenosha Gleaton. She was my OBGYN prior to us even being ready to expand our family. My decision was confirmed Day 1 when she told me that she had to provide me with medical science but she often reminded me that we are citizens of a different kingdom and believers!

The first appointment continued to go well and we received tons of information and Do's and Don'ts that I needed to be aware of. The most important thing from this visit was a hearing the sound of our breakthrough, our baby's heartbeat and seeing our promise, the picture of our baby. The first ultrasound pic still hangs on our prayer wall as an answered prayer.

I am so grateful to the awesome Dr. Kenosha Gleaton and her amazing staff at Roper Partners/OBGYN.

Resources: Roper Partners/OBGYN

Waiting to see the doctor for the first time.

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