Tuesday, March 15, 2016

The Songs in Our Hearts

Many people ask how we continue to make it through what we thought was one of the most difficult times of our lives. I look back on all of this and realize how blessed we were and continue to be on this journey. Often times I really don't have a direct answer except saying it was the power of prayer. As I sit back and really think about these last few years I think about the songs in our heart and the praises on our lips.

I recall hearing or singing certain songs while we waited on God to bless my womb. We were constantly in tears because we truly believed the words but sometimes the weight was often very heavy. My husband would often go into praise and worship with tears streaming down his face whenever he heard Javetta Campbell sing, "All is Well."  The lyrics simply said, "No matter what my eyes may see, I know His grace is covering me, ALL IS WELL!"  Imagine hearing this song at one of your most weakest points and at that very moment you still know God can and will fulfill his promises to you! Even when my faith was the size of a mustard seed my husband reminded me every time we heard the song that no matter what the doctors said and what we saw that ALL would be well. He even backed it up with Romans 8:28 reminding me that ALL things were working for our good. This song was always in his heart and served as confirmation.

Click here to Listen to All is Well: All Is Well by Javetta Campbell 

During the week of our church's Annual Conference in September, I was so anxious because we would get the results of our 3rd and final IUI.  I did everything I possibly could to stay busy and not focus on the test results. During the Wednesday night worship services, the Young Adult Ministers were in control of the worship experience. Consequently, the young adults of the conference sang. With only a few minutes to rehearse prior to the service, the choral director stated we would sing, "God is an Awesome God" and "Write the Vision."  I've sung these songs many times before and as long ago as during my college years on the AOE Gospel choir. For some reason this night felt different. I sang the songs with the choir but more important than ministering to the audience, my goal was to minister to myself and believe it with all of my might. I could tell that my husband felt the same as well because as we sang, he was worshiping and as we exchanged glances we too believed it. Months later, I found out that a sister/friend in the audience was believing God for us as well as for own self to pass her upcoming SC Bar exam and for God to do something specific in her life that she wanted more than ever.

The lyrics were simple and was created from the scripture found in Habbakuk 2:2. Jarrett and I had been writing the vision on our prayer board, we were believing God for His promises to come to pass and it was confirmation.

Write the vision, make it plain;
that they may run and not faint.
Though the vision is only for awhile,
it shall speak and not lie.
For if the Lord said it,
you can count on it;
He will do just what He said!!

Click her to view the video of us singing  Write the Vision by Patrick Love 
(Thanks to my cousin Tara Simmons for the video)

These songs will also remain in our heart.

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