Friday, March 18, 2016

The Secret Is Out!

After waiting close to two months we couldn't wait to tell everyone we were pregnant. We found creative ways to tell everyone via Christmas shirts with their new names on the back, i.e. "Aunt Ty, Uncle CJ, Big Cousin, etc. We also called close family and friends telling them we had Christmas gifts for them but it wouldn't be ready until July. The stunned faces, the squeals over the phone, the tears, and even the speaking in tongues were priceless! We told mostly everyone the day after Christmas but we told our family on our Family Christmas cruise or in person before we left for the cruise. Many people on our annual Christmas Card list were texting and phoning us wondering had we forgotten about them. We were simply waiting until we were 3 months pregnant and the New Year to make an official surprise announcement. We sent out an "Extra Blessed in 2016" card to announce in the New Year that Baby Washington would be arriving.

The joy we felt telling people of our promise was indescribable. I surprised my husband one day at work by sending him a video that I had begun compiling of our story. I didn't realize how much I had "written" of our story via pictures and journaling until this time. I wasn't sure when or how I would release it to the masses but I was determined to not allow my fear to hinder my transparency. We just didn't get pregnant by accident or happenstance. God opened my womb to a blessing. After 3 failed fertility treatments used to build our testimony, God did what only He could.

After sharing our testimony with our family, friends and church family we were ready to tell others.

We released our video story on social media a few minutes after the New Year. (Shout out to Rev. Herbert and Kelli Jenkins for telling us they already knew but were waiting on us to tell them! Lol) I guess everyone was on FaceBook that night because between the hours of 1am and 2pm on January 1, the video received over a thousand likes and I received numerous inbox messages from people also experiencing difficulties expanding their families. I didn't realize what was created to announce our pregnancy would be so beneficial to others.  I never thought in a million years that us sharing our story would bless so many when I was simply writing to heal from the years of disappointment and hurt.

Click Picture below to view video of our story.

Well the Secret is out!!  No it's not that we are pregnant because you knew that before reading this blog. The secret is -----God Did it!! While we were crying, praying, fasting and waiting, God was weaving an intricate pattern so delicately like only He could. As I think about this story I have a better understanding of how good He is. The Secret is Out that we never lost our faith! The Secret Is Out of how God can do exceedingly above all that we ask or think. The Secret is Out that for the last 3 years Jarrett and Deronda Washington have been facing some challenges but they made it through. The Secret is Out that I am not ashamed of my testimony! There is nothing I would trade for my journey.  THE SECRET IS OUT!!

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