Wednesday, March 30, 2016

It's A Girl!

Believing the dream my husband had of  us having a little boy and keeping with the name from the dream, we just knew it was a boy. We were still happy when the Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist called and revealed from our chromosome study, there were no signs of abnormalities, Downs Syndrome and we were having a GIRL!! It was an unexpected call late on a Friday evening. Jarrett had just left to pick up dinner when the call came through. I was debating whether or not to tell him right away or should I surprise him some how.................... hmmmmmmmmmmm? Nope, I called him right away. We were on this journey together and there were no need for surprises or secrets amongst us. We knew since the first week in January but we decided to plan a Gender Reveal Party for Super Bowl Sunday at our home.

It was hilarious getting old wives tail predictions from others on the gender. Some people were adamantly saying it was a BOY and how he was going to be a preacher like his father. Our mothers somehow already knew what it was going to be but we still didn't let on and kept our secret.

While no one knew the gender it was our time to focus on praying to God for confirmation on her name. We began adding our thoughts and prayers for her on our prayer wall. We wanted to keep a name similar to what was in my husband's dream of a boy but create a girl's name. We also wanted to keep the initials we created already for the boy of BJW. Jarrett immediately asked if I liked the name Breeland. I told him that it sounded like a last name and said no. He asked about the name Braylen and I loved it!!! Over the course of the next few days we contemplated the middle name and knew we wanted it to have a Biblical meaning. We thought of Elizabeth, Eden, Marie Grace, Michal, Rose, Jael, Arella, Corrine,.. I stopped immediately at Jael!! I loved it!!

~Braylen Jael~

Jael means one who 'ascends', ‘wild gazelle’ or ‘wild goat’, a suitable name for a woman from a nomadic tribe. Jael's story is similar to the story of David and Goliath. Though she was a weak woman, Jael triumphed over a seemingly invincible warrior, Sisera.

During the Super Bowl Gender Reveal with close family and friends, everyone anticipated the Half Time Show of us revealing the sex of our baby.  Thanks to my Line Sister, Kim Nesmith for the amazing cake that revealed to everyone we were having a SWEET BABY GIRL!!! Some were elated, while my 'nephew' Zachary was disappointed because he wanted a boy cousin to play with and protect the girls. Overall everyone simply wanted a healthy baby.

I smiled thinking.......... I'm going to have a Mini-Me. A little AKA Legacy! We could dress alike! I could teach her all things lady-like and she would be the apple of her dad's eyes. I'm having a girl. I will have a daughter! 


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