Sunday, May 8, 2016

Simple Thoughts on Mother's Day

Every Mother's Day I was elated to celebrate all of the mothers in my life including my own two mothers. Even when it was difficult because God had not yet answered my prayers, I still found joy in celebrating and showering others with love.

Last Mother's Day, only 23 days after we received results of our 2nd failed IUI, I woke up to a cheerful husband who had laid out gifts for me. It was difficult to even open because I knew what it was and it was a reminder that I still was not a mommy. I opened the gift with teary eyes and read the card and the last sentenced made me cry harder but with joy in my heart. The last words prophetically said... "This is yet another Faith Gift on our will be a mom next year.. Let's believe together!" Inside the gift box were a gift for our unborn child and a quirky book about parenting that made me laugh and smile.

This Mother's Day I celebrate all mothers still on the journey. 
I celebrate mothers whose arms are still empty. 
I celebrate mothers who didn't complete the journey to being called mom but they answer to auntie, Godmother or friend. 
I celebrate those who are first time moms this holiday.
I celebrate those who like me never gave up and are carrying their child this Mother's Day.

It's amazing how a holiday that used to make me feel so empty now has me full! I am forever humbled that God thought enough of me to go through this journey. 

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