Monday, May 30, 2016

..........And Bless Baby Braylen

Throughout our journey from Faith to Fertility we knew undoubtedly people were praying for us. We knew that people were calling the names of Jarrett and Deronda in their prayers and on days when we were too weak to pray, we felt the prayers of the righteous and we saw them avail and manifest into something greater. 

Sunday after Sunday the altar at our church, Hopewell AME Church in Hemingway, SC, becomes full with parishioners desiring prayer, interceding for others and simply coming to lay their burdens down. This particular Sunday was no different except the wonderful experience took place before the the altar was open for prayer. In fact it happened during the Children's Sermon. As usual our Children's Sermon Messenger gave an inspiring message to about 20 youth standing at the altar with her. I love how every Sunday she ties in a treat with her sermon and offers the most amount of treats to the youth that closes the sermon with their own prayer. I believe the incentive for this sermon was an entire bag of Dum Dum lollipops.  The hands of all of the children began waving in the air when she asked who wanted to pray. And here is when my soul got happy. After selecting the young girl to pray and her requesting us to bow our heads I heard one of the most sincerest prayers. This sweet child prayed for her family, her sisters, her church family and then I heard this, "Father bless our Pastor Washington, First Lady Washington, and bless Baby Braylen and cover them in your blood and keep them safe! Amen!"  I was literally moved to tears because out of the mouths of babes this young girl prayed for our sweet baby who she had not met yet.

I wasn't surprised at her prayer because this is the same sweet girl who hugs me every Sunday and waves at my belly saying "Hey Braylen!" From this Sunday forward I noticed that the children of our church prayed and called Baby Braylen by name in their prayers. I laugh because sometimes they forget about pastor, me or their families but they never forget about Baby Braylen. For that, I am extremely grateful.

Ironically, either a few Sundays before or after we discussed having Childlike Faith in our Church School lesson. During our journey I asked God for that child-like faith. Children are almost always specific when they pray. They believe! It is that simple. So Jarrett and I never stopped believing! We have daily discussions of what we desire Baby Braylen to be and we ask God in our prayers to let it be so. 

Somewhere between childhood and adulthood many people have lost the art of asking. Perhaps it seems presumptuous, selfish or a waste of time. Whatever the reason, God is not offended when we ask in childlike faith. Some of the most sincerest prayers I've heard comes out of the mouths of babes. I once heard a child pray, "Dear God, it must be super hard to love all the people in the world, especially my sister. I don't know how You do it."  Talk about laughter. Some were serious like, "Dear God, mommy says my granny has Old Timers (Alzheimer's) disease and she may not remember me or certain things soon. God I love my grandmother but will you always help her to remember how much I love her?"

Whether the prayers of children have greater impact or not, they have a direct line with the Father, and they ask without qualifying their petitions. We need to pay attention. We too often allow our doubts to seep into our prayers. Not kids.

I am forever grateful for everyone especially the children who have added "..............and bless Baby Braylen"  to their prayers.

Song: Mississippi Children's Choir: I'm Blessed


  1. What an awesome read!! Claudia and Sandis pray just this way! Sandis prays only for his Dad who is away (due back 23 June)and Claudia is praying to move forward in her talent show! This morning in prayer on our way to school I wa reminded to just give glory and ask in His name! And now I read this, God Bless you, your husband and Baby B!!!! Love you lady!

    1. Love you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are doing amazing things with your two blessings.