Monday, May 2, 2016

Preparing for Baby Part 2-- Nursery, Registries, and Decor, Oh My!

Preparing for Baby Braylen's arrival has been interesting. We prayed for this day for so long. Now that it's here we are soaking in every moment. It gave me great joy seeing my husband test out strollers to see which one would be perfect for his princess. I mean this guy checked agility, tires, ease of handling, breakdown and set up ease and so many other things that I wasn't aware of as if he was on a car lot making a new purchase.  I must say picking out a stroller for the registry was the easiest thing to do. How do two people who have never had a baby go about starting a registry?

I'm grateful to Pinterest and amazing friends who guided me through the registry process and also told me about the things that shouldn't be on the list. Truly after walking around Babies R Us and Target for a few minutes, I realized this selecting registry stuff wasn't for me. lol.  All the bottles began to look alike and they all did the same thing per the labels. I also wasn't sure whether Pampers or Huggies were best.  Who knew that babies didn't have a full crib set?  I was even more confused that top sheets for cribs didn't exist.  I was grateful when the customer service representatives told me I could do it online and gave me sweet parting gifts.

When it came to decor and picking out paint for her room there was no doubt of what I dreamed her nursery would look like. (Thanks Pinterest!) I'm blessed with an amazing mom that enjoys painting and making sure things get done. She's my real life Martha Stewart. She was so awesome ensuring Braylen's room was painted and ready for us to decorate. She came over early on a Saturday morning with her crew and ready to convert her granddaughter's room into something magical. She gave me the side eye when she realized the color of the nursery wouldn't be a soft girly pink but instead a buttercup yellow with accents of grey and white. Everyone was clearly expecting the nursery to be salmon pink and apple green in honor of my sorority colors but I'm not a fan of girly colors so yellow and grey it is!! We are not fans of cartoons nor characters so we decided her room will be all about her with monograms and special things that discreetly symbolize our journey from Faith to Fertility.

I love how everything is slowly coming together. I believe I'm officially in the nesting stage of my pregnancy and can't seem to stay out of her room. I think I go in there at least twice a day. I am excited for the day I can peak in her room and she's actually sleeping or standing in her crib waiting on her dad and I to start our day with her.  Oh My! Oh Baby!!! Braylen we are so excited to see you!

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