Monday, May 2, 2016

Preparing for Baby Part I--Childbirth Class & Our Birthing Decision

In preparation for the arrival of our sweet baby girl, one of the things we decided was imperative was taking a childbirth class.  As new parents we wanted to be prepared for what we should expect during delivery. I was so happy that many of the techniques we were taught during the short "active labor" session I already knew from my yoga classes. (Thanks Yoga Den!!!)  

The ALL day session was pretty informative and shed light on what hubby and I need to be prepared for as well as preparing our family and visitors who may want to be a part of the post delivery experience. Many people have asked questions about my pregnancy, delivery decisions, who will be in the room with us during delivery, etc. since we made our fertility story very transparent and somewhat public.  Though we are sharing our story with others to give them hope as well as share our journey, there are some things that will remain generic and private to ensure that there are just some things that remain intimate between my husband and I.

So about this Childbirth Preparation Class------ Enroll in the class if you are expectant parents. We chose to enroll in an all day Saturday class from 9am-4pm because our schedules wouldn't allow us to take classes during the week nights.  The class was very informative and we learned so much about the entire experience. I don't need any shockers the day of delivery and this class clearly gave both of us a lot to think about. I love that the class engaged the husbands and explained their role and how important they are in the overall process.  We took a tour of the hospital, birthing suites and the nursery where they went over all of the security measures they take with newborns. All in all the class was well worth the time spent.

For some unknown reason many people have begun to ask how we will deliver our baby. Natural, Epidural, or C-section?  We have honestly chosen not to tell anyone what we have decided as it relates to what we've prayed for will work for us. We've been on this journey to a place called Here and I honestly need to focus on the prayers and petitions that we added on our prayer wall as well as the ones we sent up to Him in our prayers.  We have prayed specifically to God about our childbirth and we know He will answer.  Why wouldn't He? If we've prayed specific prayers to God before and He answered why can't we do it with childbirth and it come to fruition? As a believer, I had to totally change my way of thinking and renewing my mind with the Word of God on the subject of having babies, the same way I renewed my mind that He was able to change a 5% chance of ever conceiving to a 100% blessing. I can no longer think the way the world thinks if I want to have the results, promises, and blessings that have already been given to me. For this reason, I cannot entertain catastrophic tales of how they screamed bloody murder during childbirth, words of discouragement or even how I should deliver our baby.  We are in a covenant relationship with Him and we know He's got us. "And this is the confidence that we have in Him, that if we ask anything according to His will, he heareth us" (1 John 5:14) 

I'm convinced that there exist people who often fight for the right to suffer. They complain about every ache, every discomfort, and about being pregnant.  I'm grateful I have experienced what I call covenant, Christ-Centered pregnancy thus far. No nausea, morning sickness, no pain, moodiness and without fear. Even when I experience a little discomfort, I smile knowing how long I waited for this opportunity. As I enter my 3rd trimester, I am still in awe with several others of how amazing this pregnancy has been so far. I am so excited that my light is shining and He is getting the glory in this entire process. 

I've learned on this journey and received confirmation through this childbirth class to do what is right for me. I often reiterate those feelings with my husband so we are both on one accord.

Below are a few pics from our childbirth class! Enjoy.

Jarrett checking out the forceps! arghh

Trying out different birthing positions

Someone can't stay awake! 

When we came home I caught our furbaby checking out our book! lol


  1. Best piece of advice I've ever heard on my journey to and through parenthood: "You know what's best for you and your kids. No matter what anyone says, trust your gut/intuition as parents."