Saturday, May 21, 2016

This Guy Is Gonna Be A Daddy

I've never seen him change a diaper. I've never seen him feed a baby. I've never even seen him rock a baby to sleep but I know my husband is going to be an amazing dad. From the time I told him I was expecting our first child until now, I've seen my husband morph into a totally different person. After I told him I was pregnant one of the first words he uttered was, "I am going to be a daddy!"  The sound of those words made me bite my bottom lip to keep from crying. I instantly corrected him and said, "You are going to be an amazing dad!"

During the course of our journey I've seen lots of ups and downs but the blessings of the ups outweighed the downs. I was ever so happy that he never missed any of my doctor appointments whether it be in person or through FaceTime. The joy on his face with every ultrasound or hearing of her heartbeat is indescribable.

On the evening of February 18, 2016, the day our niece was born I saw a totally different side of my husband. When we got the news our niece made her grand entrance into the world, my husband jumped up as if he was a fireman hearing a siren and started yelling, "Let's go!! My niece is here!!! I'm an uncle!!! My brother and sister made me an uncle!!! Yes God!!!! Deronda let's go!!!!!!"  He drove to the hospital I'm sure not obeying the speed limits to visit our new family. When his brother came out to talk to us and tell us about the birthing experience my husband listened intently and with so much excitement.  It was reassuring watching their interactions. He began dreaming and declaring how he wanted our daughters to grow up as bestfriends and cousins and how much fun he and his brother would have raising their children together.  A few months later I saw the excitement he had in planning a small 3rd birthday party for our our Godson CJ. He left no stone unturned and got so much satisfaction when all went well.

One of his many prayers throughout our fertility journey was that we would be able to raise our children to be close in age with family and friends. Boy did God hear him and answer those prayers. He blessed us with a niece on February 18, 2016, a nephew through our bestfriends on March 30, 2016, Baby Braylen is slated to arrive July 2016 and another of his childhood friend's wife is due in November! I can't wait to capture a picture of all of them with their children.

I never knew what type of dad my husband was going to be until I saw the love and energy he put into preparing for our baby girl's arrival. Dressed in his "This Guy Is Gonna Be a Daddy" tee and up early on his 'day off', I fell in love all over again with a man who loved his unborn daughter so much. My husband was never a handy man. In fact, he'd rather pay someone to to do the repairs and handy work around the house. (I don't blame him lol) However, this man got so much joy in putting her crib together with his bestfriend and he single-handedly assembled her dressers and chest of drawers, changed her air vent covers and just worked hard to ensure all of her needs were met. During his "Bob the Builder" escapades I could hear him mumble, "Braylen, daddy isn't taking any shortcuts putting these together. This has to be put together right!"

For years my husband has been a father to many in his congregations attending their basketball games, awards ceremonies, graduations, soccer games and even court hearings but this time it's different. "This Guy is Going to be a Daddy" to a little girl who he prayed for and waited for. I'm 100% sure she is already loves him too because she leaps in my belly every time she hears his boisterous voice preach or talk to her. I love how everyone also sees how much of an amazing dad he is going to be.

Jarrett Britton Washington, is going to be a daddy...An Amazing Daddy! I never knew how much I loved Braylen's father until I saw how much he already loves her!

Jarrett building her chest of drawers

Jarrett and Clinton putting her crib together

Scripture: Psalm 127 3-5
Song: Daddy by Beyonce: Click here to Listen

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