Tuesday, May 17, 2016

May I Add You To My Prayer Wall?

"May I add you to my prayer wall?"  Those are words that I've spoken a lot in the last 6 months. These words were said to women who were desirous of children and were having difficulty expanding their families. Some were hoping and praying for natural conceptions, while others were praying their fertility treatments worked. There were a few that desired their foster parent status changed to full adoptive parent status. There were also a few praying for God to bless them to start the direct adoption process. Whatever their desire, I wanted to add them to my prayer wall. 

If you recall this is the same prayer wall in our prayer room that my husband and I went to during various parts of our day either together or separately to sit, kneel or lay prostrate and simply speak to God. This room was also designated as the room of our unborn child.  This was the same prayer room that housed the prayer wall we went to every time we had a failed fertility treatment or received bad news from the doctor, yet still this was the same room we praised and thank God in for our unborn child. My husband and I are both convinced that this room was where God met us and our miracle was created. 

To this day we aren't sure of how many people prayed for us during the time we were desiring a child but we are appreciative those prayers sent up to Him were answered. For this and so many other reasons we continue to pray for those who are on their journey from Faith to Fertility.  Why do I specifically pray for those who are still on the journey?  I feel it is my responsibility to intercede on their behalf because I remember the times I was so broken that I could not pray so I know someone had to have been praying for my husband and me. Even after we conceived, we were in constant prayer that all would be well. We prayed against Down's Syndrome, heart abnormalities, and all other things associated with an "After Age 35" pregnancy.

I don't care whether it's morning, noon or night, I get so happy when someone whom I've been praying for calls, texts, emails or posts on social media that the prayers that I've been praying is answered. I love posting on social media the status, "Another Prayer Answered!! #faithToFertility". 

We were riding home from church one Sunday afternoon and I showed my husband a Facebook status that one of the angels on our prayer wall received her blessing. She and her husband were blessed with a beautiful baby girl through adoption. He looked at me and said, "Wow, your prayers are really being answered for your fertility friends! Praise God!"  I sat quietly in the car almost brought to tears by simply thanking God for their blessings. Then I thought about the prayers I prayed for others even when I was feeling empty and barren and God still heard my liquid prayers (tears) that went up. I remember crying out to God saying, "God if you just do it for them I know you can do it for me!"  At that instant I realized I started saying, "God you did it for me!! Now can you do it for __________________?!? (inserting the names of those on my wall)  I prayed for their husbands as I know what it was like to see my husband go through this process with me! 

Eight simple words.................. "May I add you to my prayer wall?"  My post today is not to boast in the power of my prayer life. It is simply a testimony of the fact that God is answering prayers of those who I've prayed for.  It is also to give hope to those who are still waiting on God to answer their prayers. 

"May I add you to my prayer wall?"

Scripture: 1 Samuel 1:27

Song:  I'm Praying For You by William Murphy  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1laNuIF_AGY

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