Monday, June 13, 2016

It was Necessary

This weekend I was able to view a video by recording artist Fantasia Barrino. This live recorded video is an impromptu worship with friends that went viral in a matter of hours. As I meditated on the words of the song I thought about the journey my husband and I took to get to "The Other Side of the Blessing." I went into worship of my own. The words of the song simply says:

"I am who I am today because God used my mistakes. He worked them for my good like no one else ever could........... It was necessary."

I immediately thought about the roller coaster of the path we took to get to a place called Here and I realized like never before that God allowed us to be on this path so that we could witness to others who were on the same journey to expanding their families. When we were on the journey I remember crying out to God that I didn't want to be anyone's testimony. I wanted Him to bless me indeed and enlarge our family. I didn't want to wait.  As I look back on this journey I can say boldly, "It was necessary!" As I minister to and pray for those ladies and families who are having difficulty expanding their families I am able to tell them of our journey. I truly wouldn't have been able to minister to them if I didn't go through the process.

Jarrett and Deronda being broken to their lowest point.-- It was NECESSARY!

Being told we only had a 5% chance of having a child---It was NECESSARY!

3 Failed Fertility Treatments--It was NECESSARY!

People constantly asking when we would have children--It was NECESSARY!

4 years of testing and doctors' appointments--It was NECESSARY!

Praying for others more than we prayed for ourselves--It was NECESSARY!

These things all worked for our Good!!! We never gave up in the process. We never stopped praying. We remained humble and are forever grateful of how God blessed us for our faithfulness. I am forever grateful that my husband never gave up on me in the process. There were many days I didn't feel like I was the best me that I could be.


Click here to Listen to Fantasia:  Necessary

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