Monday, April 24, 2017

"She's Busy Being a Great Mom"

"She's too busy being a great mom..."  These seven words cut so deep when I read them in a Facebook comment in regards to me scaling back on my business in order to focus on what took priority in my life after God... MY FAMILY! 

As a first time mom who had difficulty expanding our family, I wanted to make sure I devoted as much needed time with my family as well as to myself.  I mean it does make logical sense doesn't it? In the hierarchy and order of my life it is always God, Family and then business and other things.

After allowing these words to pierce my feelings, I used them to allow myself to heal and to be an even better mom, wife, entrepreneur and Business Professor. During this time I was able to support my husband, regroup, launch my daughter's hair bow business, restructure my tshirt division of Legacy Graphics and Designs, LLC. ( and become a better a me.

Becoming a mom requires lots of organization, a whole lot restructuring, several mess ups and a whole lot of balance. This road is not for the faint at heart but it's definitely the most rewarding.

Things I learned on the "She's Busy Being a Great Mom" Road

1) You don't owe anyone any explanations on why you are doing what you are doing.

2) It's okay to prioritize and realize what's important.

3) If they aren't offering to help, work for you or take things off of your To Do List, they are really insignificant. (Sounds harsh but true.)

4. Enjoy the time with your baby and family.

5. When the time is right engage your baby and family in things such as family business, cooking, etc.

6. Keep your baby on a good Schedule!!!! (IT WORKS!!!)

7) Laugh!

I pray this blog allows you to look at life a little differently.

Song: She's a Bad Mamma Jamma

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