Sunday, July 17, 2016

Introducing Braylen Jael -- "Will You Always Be My Love?!"

"Never felt this way about love!"  I heard Brian McKnight and Alicia Keys sing these words but I've only felt like this once in my lifetime until now. The first time was my wedding day. I've so enjoyed the last two weeks and 5 days.

This morning after spending time with Braylen, I looked down at the face of our sweet angel and was totally overcome with emotions. Today was her original due date but she was more perfect on June 28 than she could ever be on today. From the pictures we posts on social media, comments are always made of who she favors most or how angelic she is with tons of hair. I just stare at her and realize that it doesn't matter who she resembles because she's truly our answered prayer.

I've learned so much from this angel in two weeks. She's mainly taught me to have more patience and to be swift getting her out of a messy diaper. Lol. More importantly, she's taught Jarrett and I the true meaning of LOVE. It automatically reminded me of Holley Maher's song, "Always Be My Love"

Our lives are forever changed!!!!

Enjoy these pics:

Introducing Braylen Jael---

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